In my work I create conceptual iterations of the self as experienced through the other

I believe environment and place reflect where we are in life, often becoming markers for what we have experienced, and placeholders for moments and events past. I am interested in the physical and psychological nature of self and place; in the trajectory of cognition that the mind can experience and traverse; and in how experiences and their interconnectivity to both internal and external manifestations change, shape and affect us. There is something within the rhythm, motion and quiet nature of self that infiltrates to all levels of my practice, and to who I am. 

By moving between the temporality of screen and the materiality of space and medium, I seek to further expand upon the poetic experience of the aesthetic object, and to explore the conditions in which the still and moving image can exist. 


Fiona Naomi Cashell (b. Dublin, Ireland, 1981), is an emerging lens based interdisciplinary artist, exploring the boundaries and artistic use of contemporary photography, video, sound, painting, drawing and poetry. Through experimentation in the studio and beyond, she questions, tests and investigates the experiential and cognitive nature of form and color, the role of light and material, the still versus moving image dichotomy, hybrid print techniques, interdisciplinary practice, collaboration and site specific art making. Work created is usually situational in context and site-specific, utilizing the immediate environment and incorporating current life events in order to generate content that emphasizes a time-based and personal orientation. Current research within her practice includes philosophy, psychology and cognitive aesthetics, with a specific focus on phenomenology, otherness, sense, consciousness and cognition.

Fiona holds a Masters in Fine Art in Studio Art and a Graduate Certificate in Art and Philosophy from Stony Brook University (New York), a Masters in Science in Advertising from Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland) and a Bachelors in Design in Visual Communication from Cork Institute of Technology (Ireland). She is a recipient of the Dorothy L. Pieper Award (2015), the GSEU Professional Development Award (2013), the Arts Council of Ireland Travel and Training Award (2012) and was nominated for the 2016 Joan Mitchell Foundation Emerging Artist Grant. She has exhibited nationally and internationally, with most recent exhibitions including Borderless In Perspective, Lite-Haus Galerie, Berlin, and Chez/Home, West African Research Center, Senegal (as part of the Dakar Biennale). This year she will complete her second residency at the Art Farm Nebraska, and in September 2017, will showcase new collaborative work at Different Rhythms, an FKL symposium on soundscape, at Ghetto Centro d’Arte e Cultura, Italy.