At   ECNU   art studios, China, 2014.

At ECNU art studios, China, 2014.

I am interested in how we learn, and I am passionate about education. I consider it to be an entity with the power to create great change. Through a varied and flexible curriculum that includes workshops, labs, lectures, crits, group projects, solo projects and professional development, I help students to explore and pursue their own unique processes of creation and conceptualisation; encouraging them to investigate and push against boundaries in art-making. By engaging in an interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary practice, they can learn new skills and grow stronger as artists and aspiring professionals.

As an educator, my main goal thus far has been to support and inspire the individuals I work with using a combination of constructivist and constructionist approaches. However, I do feel it is important to be open to change, and so I am personally committed to being an active participant in the development of new pedagogical models in arts education. As a global community, there is much we can learn from each other. I hope to continue to be a part of that conversation.


2012 - 2015

I was Instructor & lecturer in digital art, graphic design and hybrid print at Stony Brook University. Specialization's included 2D digital art making, hybrid print techniques, communication design, illustration and art & design history.

Responsibilities included:
• Giving technical instruction and tutoring through a number of applications, including Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. 
• Teaching, exploring and mentoring in areas such as interdisciplinary practice, conceptuality, color theory, form, typography, print, prepress, branding, design theory and critical thinking. 
• Exploring design history and discussing philosophical approaches to digital art and design transdisciplinarity.
• Running tutorials, seminars, lectures and workshops weekly
• Instructor of courses: ARS325- Theory and Practice of Digital Art: Print. ARS324- Intermediate Digital Art: Design. Courses were aimed at intermediate to advanced art majors and art minors.

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2008-2012, 2016-Present

I have worked on a freelance basis for Chester Beatty Library Dublin since 2008, predominantly in the role of workshop facilitator. During that time, I have assisted the Education Co-Coordinator and Head of education on a number of educational projects, and have been commissioned to design material for various projects. 

My role as workshop facilitator sees me leading workshops and assisting visiting artists in adult based workshops, as well as teaching and facilitating a variety of children's arts and crafts workshops each month. All workshops are aimed at integrating and interpreting the museums collection through educational and artistic projects; thus increasing awareness and interaction with the wealth of rare and beautiful artifacts that the library has on display. Workshops explore a range of media including photography, print-making, collage, bookbinding, songwriting, painting and drawing. 

Listen to an interview with me during the 2011 Matisse-inspired Bealtaine workshop, here.

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In 2011, I was selected to be part of a small group of diverse volunteers who travelled to Som Roung village, Cambodia, to help set up and prepare SCAO II School - a local community school that was built by The Scoop Foundation. The team sourced supplies and materials to finish the interiors - painting walls and desks and filling the school with all the essential supplies that it would need such as books, stationary and food.  Towards the end of the visit, we opened up the school to the local children and families. It was a joyous occasion, and to get the ball rolling, we invited the local children and their parents into the newly built classrooms to join us in an informal art class which I led on butterfly symmetry. None of the children could speak english, so art was really the perfect way for us all to bond, create and have fun.

The Scoop Foundation is a global NGO, building schools for impoverished children in Cambodia (Southeast Asia) and India (South Asia). It was founded in Ireland and is based there.

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2007 – 2008

I lived in Tokyo, Japan and worked as a Teaching Assistant for The British School in Tokyo from 2007-2008. My role as a TA primarily involved assisting the teacher in all classroom activities, and Instructing the Year 1 (5-6 yr. old) children with mathematics, reading and writing. In addition to these responsibilities, I also:

• Led art classes and outdoor art activities.

• Provided support to children with special needs, and utilized EAL teaching & learning techniques.

• Developed programs of learning activities, and sourced appropriate materials.

• Ran an after school clay workshop for 5 – 8 year olds.