Getting Lost

Solo Site-specific Exhibition, Lawrence Alloway Gallery, Stony Brook University, New York, 2014

Stills and Installation shots from 'Getting Lost', Lawrence Alloway Gallery, 2014. Projection onto Muslin Curtain and Vellum, with Sound.



Getting Lost consisted of three videos which played in sequential order. Getting Lost (Talia)Getting Lost (Fiona)  and Words. Getting Lost (Talia) and Getting Lost (Fiona) were projected onto a hanging muslin curtain in the main space (the curtain was conceived to represent our emotional veils). The third video (words) was back-projected onto a small vellum sheet which hung in the small narrow space behind the curtain (representing our inner voice and/or internal monologue).

Ambient environmental sounds penetrated the space from left to right; creating a fully immersive soundscape. Viewers were invited to sit and watch videos. They could also enter the space behind the curtain (if they noticed it), where Words looped silently. Words added intensity to the initial experience on entering the space. Many visitors were fully absorbed by the main screen, and did not notice the entrance way at the end of the curtain. 

In all, Alloway Gallery was transformed into a quiet, pensive and yet at times, intense space. One that invited the viewer to sit, absorb sounds and contemplate the dichotomy of the still and moving image, and our relationship to environment.



Getting Lost came about on a trip to Maine that I took with my friend Talia in August 2014.

There were parallel’s between our situations, although each situation was very different. We were both seeking solace in environment and peace in everything else. Solitude and companionship do exist side by side.

There were elements of loss and struggle. With these powerful conditions, comes the part when one gets lost, purposefully, or by accident. It is hard at times to stay in the moment; in the here and now, without mind going back, or, moving forward in quick succession.

One masks and shields. Emotions lie and rise. Overpowering sensations. We reveal and then we hide. 

The internal monologue never stops. It is like the sound in the air that never goes away. It is both loud and ambient. It is inside and out.

With Getting Lost, I am seeking to explore our relationship with environment, but also the relationship that we have with ourselves.


To watch Getting Lost (Talia) and Getting Lost (Fiona), please go to: