Solo Site-specific Exhibition, Lawrence Alloway Gallery, Stony Brook University, New York, 2014.

Stills and Installation shots from 'Home', at Lawrence Alloway Gallery, 2014. Projection & Sound.



Home is a moving image installation, which explores my feelings and relationship to the area that I grew up in in Dublin, Ireland; an area called Tallaght (pronounced 'talla'). Viewers were invited to sit and quietly absorb both the sounds and visuals in a purposefully darkened space. My voice speaks in a low flat cadence, as the visuals fade in and out of view. Painting the entire space a dark grey and leaving a letterbox for the projection, increased color saturation immensely, and allowed for a more immersive and satisfying visual experience to take place. Home use's a lot of color in its transitions, and I needed light to have as much of an impact as possible so that the space became an intensifying and yet pensively active platform for the experience of both visuals and sound.



Tallaght is a product of 1970's Irish suburban planning. Houses were built quickly for a demanding and growing population of young families. This environment affected me greatly as a child. Now, having left and moved to America, my thoughts have shifted and changed. I see that place now almost as a distant stranger, or, inquisitive observer. I see its peculiarities and I accept it for what it has come to be.

Home is a personal piece but its themes and ideas are universal; exploring what it means to have a cultural identity grounded in a particular place, or that place that we like to call 'home'. It pushes us to see, highlighting our relationships to environment: physical, emotional and historical.

To view the full video Home, please go to fionacashell.com/home