Uncertainty #2

Mixed media prints with acrylic paint on acid free archival rag stock. Created at VCCA, 2017. 8.5" x 11"

Uncertainty #2, installed at VCCA Studio, 2017.

There is a pendulum that swings inward. Out, and back in again.

With the Uncertainty Series, I explore movement and destabilization. Losing part of ones self to gain something else. Following a path of transformation that you do not fully control. Pulling back parts of the self to remain whole. Crashing into reality and sinking back into its stassis. Fully aware; sometimes surrendering, often times, fighting. As you move forward, you change and shift to accommodate both actualities, in an ever evolving realization and creation of self.

All images and works Copyright © 2019 Fiona Naomi Cashell. All rights reserved.

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