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A Living Place, 2017

A video art collaboration with musician Derek Kwan

Stills from A Living Place (2014). Video & Sound.


A Living Place was a collaborative piece,  working with Derek Kwan, percussionist and composer and fellow graduate of Stony Brook University. Sound was an important consideration, and I edited frame changes and set the overall video pace in time to key changes in Derek's piece 'Streetlight Puddle Night'. In the end, sound and visuals work harmoniously together to create maximum emotional and visual impact. The viewer is taken on a sensory journey, with limited movements to create an atmosphere of an eerie and isolated nature. We do not know if this location is vacated, or indeed, occupied. The environments shown are living, but quite often appear lifeless. It is down to the viewers own reaction or preconceptions; analyzing their own attachment or detachment to the place,  to determine whether or not it is either or perhaps, even both.

Footage for A Living Place was shot over the month of March, 2014 in St.James, New York. Filming was limited to the proximity of the artists home.  Being raised in Irish Suburbia all her life, the artist seeks to reflect on the commonality of suburbia but also desires to show us the small, seemingly insignificant and quiet moments that we may find there. While a Living Place speaks of our domestic relationship to the suburban environment, it moves beyond the apparent, and conceptually centers itself in the realm of philosophy and environmental psychology.

Duration: 7:12

Year: 2014

Format: Video [H.264, 3,840 x 1,080, AAC, 48000 Hz, Stereo (L R)]

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