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Lens Based Digital Art. 2013 - Ongoing. Dimensions variable.

Much of my still image work in the past number of years has involved investigations concerning perturbation, which is a ‘deviation of a system’ or, ‘a process from a regular or normal state or path, caused by an outside influence.’ Perturbation is an area within Dynamic Systems Theory- currently being explored within the field of cognitive aesthetics.

With the Perturbation series, visual communication is both direct and subversive. I push against the boundaries of ordinary aesthetic appeals, and ask you to enter into a form of silent communication; one which hides and both reveals truths

Pieces from 'Pertubations' and 'Hyper-ethereal' as seen at the opening of FTLO at Bottleneck Gallery, New York in 2014.

Short moving image piece entitled 'Change' in sync to improvisational music by Saxophonist Kate Mohanty.

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