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Feeling Comfortable in Unfamiliar Places: Part 1

On-going performance based video art project

Feeling Comfortable in Unfamiliar Places: Part 1, 2019. Video and Sound. 



Feeling Comfortable in Unfamiliar Places is an ongoing site-specific performance exploring what it means to assimilate, acclimate and resume a normal routine of behaviour in a familiar or unfamiliar place. As the artist has lived in multiple countries and travels extensively, she is fascinated by the experience of "otherness"; by the movement felt between comfort and discomfort; by the physiology of environment; and by how experiences manifest internally and physically. For this performance, the objective was to accept any feelings of difference, tension, awkwardness or self-conciousness. Thoughts arise and are labelled as neither positive or negative. The experience is simply felt. The intention is to allow the physical body to remain; to not panic. The moment passes without catastrophe, interaction or intervention. Locations featured include China and Finland.


Coming soon: Feeling Uncomfortable in Familiar Places


Performances by: Fiona Naomi Cashell

Art Direction: Fiona N. Cashell 

Direction and Videography: Fiona N. Cashell

Sound: Abby the Spoons Lady

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