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Home, 2014

Video and sound. 

Stills from Home (2014). Moving Image & Sound.


Tallaght (pronouced "talla") is a product of 1970's Irish suburban planning. Houses were built quickly for a demanding and growing population of young families. This environment affected me greatly as a child. Now, having left and moved to America, my thoughts have shifted and changed. I see that place now almost as a distant stranger, or, inquisitive observer. I see its peculiarities and I accept it for what it has come to be.

Home is a personal piece but its themes and ideas are universal; exploring what it means to have a cultural identity grounded in a particular place, or that place that we like to call 'home'. It pushes us to see, highlighting our relationships to environment: physical, emotional and historical.

Length: 21:14. 3840 x 1080px


Lawrence Alloway Gallery, New York, 2014

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