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Digital Images (unedited/unmanipulated). 2012 - 2013. Photographs during Skype conversations. Photographs of photographs. Photographs of moving images. Photographs of natural glitches and screens. Exploring self-portrait, channel, reflection, pixel and light.

Here I am exploring my own personal relationship to the screen and investigating the nature of it as a visual medium. I am intrigued by what the screen holds, what is contained within it and what we can interpret through it. I want to understand the relationship between the screen, the lens and the eye – the layering that exists – how it changes language, the path of visual communication and the constructs of image perception. It can also be seen to change and/or manipulate what we see. I celebrate these distortions. I believe them to be beautiful and strange. 

Pieces from the series 'Screen' on display at Lawrence Alloway Gallery, Stony Brook University, NY. 2013.

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