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The Binding Myth, 2017

A performance based video art collaboration with artists Stacey Lee Gee and Jules Jameson.

Stills from The Binding Myth, 2017. Video and Sound. The Binding Myth was filmed in Nebraska in 2016.



The power of the myth lies in its reimagining and in its retelling.

Our protagonist is living in a place in time where her very existence as a female is a violent fight against a patriarchal society. She must call on the mythical wild woman - a female dark night of the soul - to bind her submissive self so that she is powerless. Both women are opposites but part of a bound spiritual self: two being representative of the spirit as split in a kind of transcendental binary; one that shifts in an ongoing fight for power and expression. 


Performances by: Stacey Lee Gee & Julia Jameson

Art Direction: Stacey Lee Gee

Direction & Production: Fiona N. Cashell

Experimental Avant-Garde Cello: Nadav Masel


Special thanks to Ed Dadey, Director of the Art Farm, Nebraska, for making this project a possibility.

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