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Numina /|\, 2018

A performance based video art collaboration with artist, Jules Jameson.

Stills from Numina /|\, 2017. Video and Sound. 



Numina is taken from the word Numinous, meaning: "arousing spiritual or religious emotion; mysterious or awe-inspiring; indicating or suggesting the presence of a divinity".

Numina /|\ explores what it is to be a spirit unbound by gender, and united in a wholeness of masculine and feminine energy. It explores the spirit as an entity which transcends body and embraces the he/she binary as one. Strong. Untethered. Symbiotic. Transcendental. Both fixed and fluid.

/|\ represents a doorway to the spiritual. An entrance point for which we may enter to experience that which transcends body and mind. To explore a sense of self at the souls level; that which is pure, unknowing and yet known; without classification or categorization, and always striving to find peace and to ultimately, grow wiser.



Performances by: Jules Jameson & Guest

Art Direction: Fiona N. Cashell & Jules Jameson

Direction and Videography: Fiona N. Cashell

Sound: Fiona N. Cashell, Jules Jameson & William Neal


Special thanks to Ed Dadey, Director of the Art Farm, Nebraska, for making this project a possibility.

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